Sydney Metro Bins also specialises in mini demolition and strip outs and rubbish removal for
offices, shops, homes, apartments and other buildings. You no longer need to outsource suppliers or trades
we have a complete package for you.

Do you need help to clear out your rubbish or you need to remove unwanted clutter?
We can help! Our team will come and remove all unwanted rubbish off your premises and dispose it for you.

Our strip out service involves striping the space down in order for you to plan a new space or
to repair existing damage to structure from possible water damage or termite infestation.

Commercial, shop & Office Strip out

End of Lease strip out

Fixtures / Fittings / Partitioning / Wall Removals

Insulation, grid and ceiling removals

Bathroom Removal

Air conditioning Removal

Demolish Bricks, Concrete, Timber & Steel Structures

Rubbish disposal

Site Clean up

Residential Apartments & House Strip out

Bathroom / Kitchen / House strip out

Flooring / Roof / Wall Removals

Furniture Removal

Furniture Removal Laundry / Wet area strip out

Shed / Garage Removals

Demolish Bricks, Concrete, Timber & Street Structures

Rubbish disposal

Site Clean Up

Our mini demolition services we offer is the removal of permanent fixtures IE: Brick walls, sheds, doors and frames, garages and fences for further information Call 9570 9764 or email us at contact@sydneybins.com.au